Why use skin medical skin staples over sutures? Wound closure stapling is much faster than suturing by hand and more accurate and consistent.

Questions About Our Wound Medical Stapler / Staples:

What are surgical / skin medical staples?
Surgical skin staples are specialized staples used in surgery in place of sutures to close skin wounds.

How are skin medical staples applied?
Skin staples are usually applied using a disposable stapler.

Why use surgical skin staples over sutures?
Stapling is much faster than suturing by hand and more accurate and consistent. The benefit of using surgical skin staples vs. sutures can be summarized in the following:

  • Reduction in surgery/ anesthesia time for the patients
  • Simplicity of application on wounds
  • Consistency of results

Can wound surgical skin staples be used in animals?
Yes, medical skin staples can be safely used in animals. Medical staples are becoming the favorite wound closure technique for veterinarians.

Is there a difference between surgical skin staples use in humans vs. animals?
Surgical skin staples can be used in humans the same way they are used in animals, however, Over 80 percent of all human surgical wound closures involve the use of skin staplers. In veterinary surgery, less than 10 percent of surgeries utilize skin staplers.

Why is there such a sizable difference in usage between surgeons and veterinarians?
The use of skin staplers has been limited in veterinary surgery due to the high cost of disposable human skin staplers. The use of sutures with needle packs has been less expensive to close the skin.  Surgical Staples Depot addresses the specific needs of veterinary surgeons by providing a good quality product for a fraction of the cost of other similar products.

Why can you sell your would closure medical staplers at such a low price?
We can sell our wound surgical staplers at discount prices because we are wholesalers who deal directly with the manufacturer. You get our surgical staples for a small percentage over wholesale price.

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Our surgical skin staplers are made specifically for our company.

The stapler was invented in 1862 by Charles McGill and 100 years later surgeons modified his invention to use on humans.