Surgical Staples Depot is a highly specialized company that sells disposable surgical staplers for skin closures at wholesale prices.

Facts Concerning Our Surgical Staples & Stapler:

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Surgical Staples Depot is a highly specialized company that sells discounted surgical staplers for skin closures at low discount prices. We are located in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan and sell our staplers nationally and internationally.  Our disposable skin stapler uses 35 wide stainless steel skin staples and comes sterilized in a sealed package.  You can buy our product by the stapler, box, or by the case;  Each box contains six staplers and each case contains 72 staplers.  Our surgical skin stapler is FDA approved.  We also offer staples removers.

Suggested uses for the Surgical Skin Stapler:

  • Veterinary clinics
  • First aid kits
  • Emergency centers
  • Animal breeders
  • Educational Instiutions
  • Non-profits

Benefits of Surgical Skin Staples:

  • better apposition of skin edges with better cosmetic results.
  • significantly decrease wound closure time and reduce surgery & anesthesia time.
  • can improve the surgeon’s productivity.
  • come sterilized and decrease the chance of infection.
  • come with an angled tip for a clear view, are light weight, and easy to use.

How to use our Surgical Skin Stapler:

  1. Evert and approximate skin edges.
  2. Position stapler over center of skin edges.
  3. Close by squeezing trigger fully until motion is halted.
  4. Release trigger fully to achieve staple release.

Other important uses for Surgical Skin Staplers and Surgical Staples:

Skin staplers can be effectively used to secure skin grafts to the cutaneous tissue bordering the recipient site. The skin graft is applied over the recipient site, with its borders slightly overlapping the wound edge. Skin staplers are applied while adjusting the graft tension to assure proper graft to bed contact. Skin staples are also used to secure dressings over a grafted area to prevent shifting of the dressing beneath the overlying bandage layer.

Surgical staplers also allow the small-animal surgeon to perform a variety of challenging abdominal medical procedures more quickly and consistently than with conventional, hand-suturing techniques.

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We buy directly from the manufacturer so we can afford to offer discount / wholesale pricing on our product.  No other middlemen!

We're 20% less expensive than other suppliers, discount stores, and wholesale outlets. 

In 2007 there were 83,730 veterinarians in the U.S.

There are 146 medical schools in The United States of America.